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Welcome to Fast Repay Home Loan

At Fast Repay Home Loan we show you how to get your income working for you, as well as reducing the term of your home loan AND your monthly mortgage repayments.


We see many potential clients struggle with their mortgage for 25 years or more, merely hoping that this debt will be paid off before they retire. It is our aim to help you pay off your mortgage sooner thereby ensuring a more secure future.


We take the confusion and frustration out of finding the right solution. Our service is all about you – we spend time with you to understand your needs, your goals and your lifestyle.


With Fast Repay Home Loan and as part of your finance package you’ll have your own Finance Coach at no extra cost. Your Finance Coach will contact you regularly, helping you track your progress and keeping you accountable – similar to that of a Personal Trainer! Your Finance Coach will educate and coach you how to minimize your interest cost, build more equity in your home and pay off your loan years earlier.


Our Story

Fast Repay Home Loan was created as a direct result of Banks attitude towards their customers. The complete lack of personal touch and lack of service, disgustingly large bank profits and charging of dozens and dozens of different fees and charges.


Fast Repay Home Loan is a company that has based itself on BEATING THE BANKS in there own game and giving its clients the ADDED VALUE they deserve, resulting in them paying LESS per month and being DEBT-FREE QUICKER!


Our Vision

We have brought to life our vision of educating Australians to gain the knowledge and insights into building wealth and eliminating debt. Educating Australians to be in control of their finances and protect themselves and their loved ones.

The Australian dream used to be to “own your own home”. Now the great Australian dream is to “own your own home and not have it taken away from you”, just to survive in retirement. We are dedicated to providing a service that puts you and your dreams first and foremost. We understand the complexity surrounding the financial decision making process.

We have designed the PLAN FOR SUCCESS EDUCATION PROGRAM to help you understand the key issues needed to improve your financial position.

Armed with the knowledge the program delivers, you will have the ability to make informed decisions thus broadening your options and choices.


Our Mission

At Fast Repay Home Loan our mission is to provide the highest quality service to each and every client.

You will be surrounded by a Team of Professionals who will save you time and money. You will have your own Finance Coach who will call you on regular basis to support and help you be in control and pay off your debt years earlier saving you tens of thousands of dollars. 


Our Partner


We are members of the MFAA, the peak industry body. All members are bound by a strict code of ethics to ensure the highest levels of service, integrity and professionalism.



                                      We are members of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited. COSL operates an                                       independant External Resolution Service. This offers peace of mind for clients, providing a                                       simple method of resolving otherwise difficult disputes. Our COSL member number is                                       M0002284



Australian Credit Licence number 390050    




Fast Repay Home Loan is Australia’s leading company in helping clients pay of their home loan years earlier. Specialising in getting clients out of debt by utilising our Debt & Money Management Programs.


Save thousands and pay off your home loan faster

Pay less each month and get out of debt quicker

Experts in Debt Reduction and Wealth Creation